In November we will be holding an election for the coming term for Vice President and Treasurer positions for the CCDA. Anyone interested in running these positions, please reach out to Janne Newland or Katie Morgan.

There is a new website for the Clark County Democratic Party. Check it out at


There are so many great, community events this month that we will not be having our Dems After Dark or Family Fun Night this time. We have moved the events to the bottom of the newsletter for easier access.

Event Suggestions

Constituency Caucuses

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Dems After Dark

Charlestown Community Days

Summer Picnic

Family Fun Night

Upcoming Events

  • Party Events
    • October 24th @ 6pm ~ CCDA meeting at Ramiro’s in Jeffersonville
  • Jeffersonville Events
  • Clarksville Events
  • Sellersburg Events
  • Charlestown Events
    • October 7th @ 6pm ~ Trunk or Treat at Christ’s Fellowship Church located at 708 Denham Lane
    • October 20th – 22nd ~ A Haunting Good Time at Charlestown State Park
    • October 27th @ 5 – 7pm ~ Trail & Treat in Greenway Park (Alice in Wonderland themed)
    • October 29th @ 5pm ~ Trunk or Treat at First Baptist Church located at 930 Market Street
  • Borden Events
    • October 28th @ 5pm ~ Trunk or Treat at First Christian Church of Borden
  • Virtual Training Events
    • October 3rd @ 1 – 2pm ~ Cultivating Local Donor for Longterm Change. Register here.
    • October 4th @ 1 – 2pm ~ Coalition Building for Community Change. Register here.
    • October 5th @ 1 – 2pm ~ Messages That Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives. Register here.
    • October 12th @ 1 – 2:30pm ~ What is a Democratic Precinct Chair? Register here.
    • October 13th @ 1 – 2pm ~ How to Maximize Your Personal Network to Raise Money. Register here.
    • October 16th @ 1 – 2pm ~ Running an Effective Political Campaign Debrief. Register here.
    • October 17th @ 1 – 2pm ~ So You Want to Run for Office: Asian American & Pacific Islander Edition. Register here.
    • October 23rd @ 1 – 2pm ~ Running and Effective Campaign Debrief for Your Democratic Party. Register here.
  • Misc. Events

To volunteer to help  out at any of these events, please email Heidi Sellers.


If you know of upcoming events that should be listed, please click the button below to supply the information.